An Unwilling Conquest

An Unwilling Conquest

First published by Harlequin in 1996
This work remains under license to Harlequin, and goes in and out of print, or even e-book availability, but is frequently re-published or reissued in various forms, through various avenues, in various markets, at various times. Please note you may come across a publication that combines two or more of the original books, within the same volume, under a different title, or even combines one of Stephanie's books with works of other authors in a combined volume - again often with a different title.

The jacket blurb from the original UK edition:

"Harry Lester had no intention of following his sister and brother into marriage. And to avoid the matchmakers, who'd gotten wind of the news that the Lester family fortunes had been repaired, he left London for Newmarket, only to find himself rescuing Mrs. Lucinda Babbacombe, a beautiful, managing widow who refused to accept his advice! But no matter that he could not quell his desire for her - marriage was definitely out!"

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"An engaging, Heyeresque Regency romance." Booklist

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