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Stephanie Laurens

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My releases in 2021/22


FOES, FRIENDS, AND LOVERS - the tenth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Gregory's story.

THE MEANING OF LOVE, An original Stephanie Laurens novel

THE SECRETS OF LORD GRAYSON CHILD, a Cynster-connected novel

THE GAMES LOVERS PLAY, the ninth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation, Therese's story.


June 1, 2022

I’ve been busy turning over my extensive vegetable garden, in readiness for the winter months. We are still having a gradual decline into winter which is such a refreshing change from the previous years where one day would feel like late summer and then next we were plunged into the depths of winter! Autumn colours have been abundant in my garden this year, painting the landscape with such a wide variety of beautiful colours.

I’m looking forward to the release of my next novel. THE TIME FOR LOVE, which will be hitting the retailers websites from August 18, 2022.

We catch up with Martin Cynster in A TIME FOR LOVE, and find out his journey to love. Martin Cynster arrives at Carmichael Steelworks set on acquiring the business as the jewel in his industrialist’s crown, only to discover that the lady owner is not at all what he expected.

Miss Sophia Carmichael learned about steelmaking at her father’s knee and, having inherited the major shareholding, sees no reason not to continue exactly as she is—running the steelworks and steadily becoming an expert in steel alloys. When Martin Cynster tracks her down, she has no option but to listen to his offer—until impending disaster on the steelworks floor interrupts.

Consequently, she tries to dismiss Martin, but he’s persistent, and as he has now saved her life, gratitude compels her to hear him out. And day by day, as his understanding of her and the works grows, what he offers grows increasingly tempting, until a merger, both business-wise and personal, is very much on their cards

But a series of ever-escalating incidents makes it clear someone else has an eye on the steelworks. The quest to learn who and why leads Martin and Sophy into ever greater danger as, layer by layer, they uncover a diabolical scheme that, ultimately, will drain the lifeblood not just from the steelworks but from the city of Sheffield as well.

THE TIME FOR LOVE will be released in all formats - digital, print and audio. It is currently available for pre-order in print and digital. Click on the cover below for the description of the novel and details on where to arrange your pre-order.

The Time For Love

As promised last month, we have a new competition that is now up and running, to celebrate the release of THE TIME FOR LOVE! Get your chance to win one of five of the new release novel, in your preferred format. Entries are open from the 1st of June and will be closing on the 29th of July. Click HERE to enter and good luck!

In the mean time, I hope you do get time to curl up with a good novel and while away a few hours. I know I certainly will!

As always, stay safe, and if all else fails, sit down and read a good book!

Looking Ahead:

August 18, 2022 - Volume 11 of the next Cynster Next Generation Novel - Martin’s story, THE TIME FOR LOVE.

As ever, I truly appreciate your wonderful support. As long as you are there, wanting to read my stories, I'm happy to keep writing them!