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My releases in 2022/23


MISS PRIM AND THE DUKE OF WYLDE - the thirteenth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Meg's story.

MISS FLIBBERTIGIBBET AND THE BARBARIAN - the twelfth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Nicolas' story.

THE TIME FOR LOVE - the eleventh volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Martin's story.

FOES, FRIENDS, AND LOVERS - the tenth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Gregory's story.

THE MEANING OF LOVE, An original Stephanie Laurens novel



February 1, 2024

Hello, dear readers!

January is gone and we are already onto February - already the year feels like it’s moving along at a fast pace. I’m not sure about those of you that live in the northern parts of the world, but we have had the strangest summer weather in all the years I’ve been alive. Not many warm days, lots of rain, and unpredictable weather. The climate is certainly changing. Despite this, my garden is thriving and I’m happy with what my vegetable garden has produced!

When I haven’t been in my garden, I’ve been busily writing the novels that will be coming out later this year. More on that in a minute! First comes A FAMILY OF HIS OWN.

A FAMILY OF HIS OWN is the 14th novel in the Cynster Next Generation series, and is Toby’s story.

Toby Cynster is not amused to be informed that his new mission will be his last in the shadowy service of Drake, Marquess of Winchelsea. Courtesy of being the last unmarried Cynster of his generation and the consequent marital obsession of his female relatives, Toby will be given no more excuses to avoid society and, hopefully, will instead find a suitable bride.

But Toby sees no point in marrying—thanks to his siblings, he has plenty of nephews and nieces with whom to play favorite uncle, and he has no thoughts of establishing a family of his own.

But then the mission takes an unexpected turn, with Toby having to escort the irritatingly fascinating Diana Locke plus the three young children of a dying Englishman from Vienna to England in a journey that becomes a flight from deadly pursuit where their most effective disguise is to pass themselves off as a family—the sort of family Toby had been certain he would never want.

A FAMILY OF HIS OWN will be released in digital, audio and print formats on March 14, 2024 and is now available for pre-order in audio and digital, with print to come as soon as I get my hands on my replacement computer.

If you’d like to arrange your pre-order now, click on the cover below which will take you to the website for full details.

A Family Of His Own

While you’re waiting for Toby’s story to arrive, you can enter my latest competition which is now open for entries. Click HERE, and get your chance to win one of five novels in your preferred format. Entries close on February 26, 2024. Good luck to you all!

And, if you didn't see last time, I do so happen to have a little excerpt for you to devour while you wait! Click HERE and enjoy!

Now - I know many of you will be excited to hear about the details of my next two novels!

The Merriwell Legacy is the next Casebook of Barnaby Adair novel, and will be released in July, and Dead Beside The Thames will be the next one, being released in October. There have been many requests for novels in this series, so finally I’ve been able to make them a priority! I’ll have much more information in the coming months for you so keep an eye out!

As always, stay safe, and if all else fails, sit down and read a good book!

Looking Ahead:

March 14, 2024 - The next Cynster Next Generation Novel, A FAMILY OF HIS OWN. Toby’s story.

July, 2024 - The Merriwell Legacy, the eighth Casebook of Barnaby Adair Novel

October, 2024 - Dead Beside The Thames, the ninth Casebook of Barnaby Adair Novel

As ever, I truly appreciate your wonderful support. As long as you are there, wanting to read my stories, I'm happy to keep writing them!