Rose in Bloom

Rose in Bloom

Originally published in the anthology SCOTTISH BRIDES
First published by Avon Books in 1999
ISBN 978-0-380-80451-4

ROSE IN BLOOM novella re-issued as a stand-alone e-book August 2011.
Available globally in all e-book formats.
There is no print edition of the stand-alone novella. 

For this anthology the theme revolved about Scotland, summer romances and, of course, June weddings.

Duncan Macintyre, Earl of Strathyre, is a wealthy Scottish nobleman in need of a wife. His mother sets out to assist by hosting a summer house party at his estate in Scotland - and she happens to invite Rose Mackenzie-Craddock, spinster, and bane of Duncan's life. He and Rose haven't met for over twelve years, yet it's immediately and painfully clear to Duncan that Rose remains just as much of a thorn in his, however, the response her pricking evokes is rather more recognizable. More compelling. Compelling enough to make Duncan turn aside from the meek, mild miss his mother has chosen for him, and, instead, focus on the one woman who has always got under his skin.

"What better fantasy than being swept away by a man in a kilt? Stephanie Laurens' delightfully witty and emotional story will keep you smiling for hours. 4.5 stars - Exceptional - A TOP PICK!" Romantic Times

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